How often to inject hCG? Where do you inject?

You can inject HCG once in a day, well morning is the best period to do this. It really take 1-2 minute and you are done.
Now as we all know, people shows more trust on HCG injections because injection mixes directly with the blood and shows faster and effective results as compare to other medicines. Many people usually do the hcg injection into the belly fat, or now days as u see more fat will be found in thigh section of body, yes you can inject HCG into inner thigh and outer thigh, as well as tricep area. In short u need to find a nice fatty place to inject.


During initial time it is easy to find fatty area to inject, as you get smaller with the HCG Diet and have less fat to inject to, you will have to look a little harder on your body for those areas. Keep in mind use injection and syringe only once. Throw it in dustbin. So that why the kit you buy from contain enough needles/syringes for each day you are on HCG diet.