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Buy HCG Tennessee

Buy HCG Tennessee


What does HCG do for weight loss?

Basically, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that’s responsible for a normal functioning of the male and female reproductive system.

In its pure state HCG is also called a glycoprotein (simply a mass of amino acids). The increasing number of hormone is known to be produced by the pregnant women, as their organisms adjust to nourishing both themselves and their babies. And if the calories are not enough, they are taken from fat stores.

Beginning with 1950s by Dr. Simeon the studies have shown that HCG shots for weight loss stimulate the elimination of fat cells when a person is on a strict calorie diet.

The effect is spread on the fat cells only, not affecting the muscle tissues. Normally, fat in our body plays a big part in general nutrition and organs protection. But the excess of it (usually in the area of thighs, hips and stomach) leads to a variety of disorders, making a primary impact on a cardio-vascular system. And so, the HCG regular injections in combination with diet program force these excessive cells to mobilize, which usually results in a sustainable weight loss.

The HCG diet protocol works in a way that you restrict your calorie income to just 500 calories per day. The daily consumption includes a small portion of fruit, vegetables, and protein.

If you obey the program strictly, an average weight loss on HCG diet may reach 2 pounds per day! Regular dosage of HCG hormone will utilize the fat stores as an alternative source of nutrition and help ensure the muscle tissues are fully retained.