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HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin – a hormone typically associated with pregnant females. if you want to lose weight then you can buy hcg colorado.

This diet can help a person who has 20 pounds or more to lose, and who has tried other weight loss programs that did not work. Those individuals who have less weight than that to lose will speak with a weight loss provider to discover if other methods can help them shed their excess fat quickly if rapid weight loss is a desire.

The HCG injections diet provides quick weight loss of up to a pound a day, or more when a combination approach of HCG and vitamin B 12 injections are used with a very low-calorie diet.

Once the body has utilized the 700 calories that were consumed each day for fuel, it will be looking internally to burn additional calories. The next section will explain how the HCG shots help burn the unwanted fat from the body.

Buy HCG Colorado

Buy HCG Colorado


How Does the HCG Diet Work?

Pregnant women who have trouble keeping food down during their first trimester can still nourish their fetuses due to the HCG in their bodies signaling the burning of stored fat for energy and nourishment.

The HCG injection diet works because the HCG signals the brain that the body is full – that more calories have been consumed than what was actually taken in during the day. A person who is expending 2000 calories a day will now be at a 1300 calorie deficit, and that energy must come from somewhere within the body.

There are two places that those calories can be found:

  1. Inside fat cells
  2. Inside lean muscle

The body stores and holds onto fat for periods of starvation. It utilizes this stored fat as a last resort. On a very low-calorie diet without HCG diet injections, the brain will tell the body to pull energy out of the muscles while it holds onto its stored fat until the very end.

The benefit of utilizing an HCG injection is that it signals the brain that the body has consumed more than enough fuel for its needs. A period of starvation is no longer recognized so energy can be pulled from fat cells. The more calories a person is burning during normal daily activities, the more fat will be burned throughout the day.

Obviously, a sedentary person will lose weight at a slower pace than someone who moves around quite a bit. That does not mean that a person should go to the gym while on the HCG diet – quite the contrary is actually the case. Because the actual caloric intake is low, the only exercising that is recommended is walking or yoga. This will help tone and stretch the body during the quick weight loss period.